Register & Audition

Registration Process:
1. Payment: A spot is reserved for your student(s) once received.

You may use Venmo, PayPal, check, or cash.
Venmo: @Lisa-Corrado-15
Please email with student name, age, and your contact info.

ONE (1) student is $115
TWO (2) students with family discount is $200
THREE (3) students with family discount is $265
FOUR (4) students with family discount is $315
FIVE (5) students with family discount is $365
Returning Crew and returning Student Directors
receive discounts. Please inquire.

2. Forms: Actors ContractMedical Form, Actor Info Sheet.
3. Ask & Scroll: Please email or message your questions! Scroll for Audition FAQ.
4. Attend: Bring the forms on Jan. 3 and be ready to have fun!

Auditions Process:
1. Audition materials are emailed the week prior to the information and audition day.
2. No experience is required. No singing or dancing is required. No memorization is required. Memorization is only encouraged if your student wants a leading role, or it will help with anxiety.
3. Returning actors– past work weighs heavily on casting, but it is not everything. As you know, it’s always about what the production needs as a whole. Other needs are also weighed heavily.
4. Trust the process. Much care, prayer, thought, consideration, pairing, partnering, sometimes carpooling, sibling needs, performance availability, and several other criteria that has nothing to do with talent goes into casting.
5. Not experienced? Personal style accounts for a lot- this could be the natural gracefulness, natural comedy, natural wit that a student walks through the door and brings to the group. Some skills are learned but we build on what they can do well first. Every student who auditions will receive a role best suited to them for the best overall production. Auditions are not competitive against fellow students. This hurts a creative team when the inner character is the ultimate goal. Stage work is second to the inner character work we are doing.
5. Audition criteria? A good production requires students to follow and apply direction, react with a teachable attitude, maintain good working relationships among the entire cast.
6. Leading roles require memorization and dependability. Volume, speaking clarity, flexibility, and dependability are the main building blocks of a good production.
7. No pressure and no stress! Audition day is an opportunity for new students to get to know each other and leadership. It’s a fun day to play a theater game or icebreaker. New and returning students are treated equally.
8. Class/Cast size? Once a class reaches capacity, approximately 25 students, registration will close. The younger class will reach capacity at approximately 12 students. It will be announced when classes are filled. Some casts in the past have been quite large which hinders coaching.
9. A word about expectations and accountability. Not every role is a speaking role to start. Students should not compare their current role with what they have done in the past or count lines. Every production is different. Some shy students don’t want lines and that is fine. Lines can be added or taken out for the good of the production. This means students who do not memorize by the off-book deadline are in jeopardy of having their lines taken out or given away to someone else. This will need to be an area with more discipline. The off-book deadline is known on audition day and there are plenty of reminders. The goal is to have as many students as involved as possible to their greatest comfort level and with the least amount of stress- and this means getting the memorizing done by deadline.

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