Spring 2023 A Telling of Job

Day/Time and Locations:
Fridays~ The Bridge Church, 1345 Market Street, Linwood

Tuesdays~ Location TBD

Performances: April 24-29
Cast Party: April 29

Register Here:
Forms, Audition Materials, and Payment Page

Strategies for staying in character, believable pantomime, and natural stage movement will be taught. Basic theater knowledge and cast expectations will be the focus using their roles in Job as the story material.

Student Directors are encouraged to apply!
Please enroll by Jan. 6
Rehearsals start the following week.

Job is an ancient story of how one man navigated great loss and faith-shaking circumstances.
The Bible is set apart as the classic book of all time. It is only fitting that Pages Alive will stage one of the most moving epic stories from its pages. Casting will be limited. Two separate casts will stage this show with all performances completed the last week of April. Student directors are encouraged to apply. Enroll by January 6. Rehearsals start the following week.

Possible Plays for 11+ Summer 2023:
Merchant of Venice
Magician’s Nephew
The Princess Bride
and for ages 8-10:
Gulliver’s Travels or Pandora’s Box

Coming Summer 2023-To be finalized

Merchant is a powerful story of grace. Shakespeare’s drama will be staged with a focus on the comedic marriage process for fair Portia and theme of law and grace surrounding Shylock. A pound of flesh is owed to pay a debt. But is compassion owed by all to all? And can compassion cancel this debt?

Gulliver’s Travels is a classic adventure story that will give our youngest actors a chance to practice their theater skills and talents without the heavy drama of the other two stories. There is still an opportunity to dive into the deeper meanings, but we will keep the discussions fun and light!

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