Once upon a time…

… a local mom had a vision of helping children develop a love for literature. Using theater as a tool, great classics could be better understood, namely Shakespeare. Soon the local village caught this vision. Children learned poetic passages, put on costumes, and recited great speeches. They created a living make-believe world from the pages of great classics. With much merriment and minds a-glow, young and young at heart embraced these stories anew!

We celebrate confidence gained by the shy student who starts out unsure. We encourage the self-control a bold student needs by allowing basic acting techniques and teamwork to guide acting choices. Every class has a mixture of experience and personality, helping all. More advanced students always have something to master, be it timing, tone, movement, or understanding.

We stage classical literature from an educational standpoint that is affordable without competitive auditions. This is a good way to try theater, especially helpful for beginning students. Pages Alive Theater is excited to develop year-round opportunities to serve local families and the community.

 Lisa Corrado

Lisa’s background started with musical theater as a child, playing Maid Marion in the musical Robin Hood. Her leading roles as a teenager included Eliza Doolittle in My Fair Lady, Aunt Nettie in Carousel, and Nimue in Camelot. Her work with Center Stage Productions in Aston includes both stage in Man of La Mancha and stage production for The Miracle Worker, The Sound of Music, and The King and I. Lisa also performed with The King’s Players at Liberty University.
Most recently, Lisa taught with Drama Kids in Wilmington and the Compass Homeschool Co-op in Glenn Mills. She has taught Art at Gymboree and served as an assistant at Faith Preschool and Childcare. She currently directs the Classical Conversations of North Wilmington.

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